Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vedic Astrology Consultation Online By Raveendranath Menon

Raveendranath Menon reputed Vedic Astrologer from Kerala , India is a well educated traditional Astrologer with rich experince of more than 35 years in the various branches of Vedic Astrology viz. Prasna, electional. Mundane and Horoscope Reading. He helped hundreds of people across the globe with his uncanny intuition and sharp analytical abilities. He hails from an aristocratic Hindu Family of Kerala the cradle of Vedic Astrology and Mysticism in India. He had worked with various reputed traditional Kerala Astrologers and has been in the enquiry of this science for almost 4 decades. He offers limited consultation due to his other professional pre- occupations.He undertakes Just a couple of consultations a week to add to his research repertoire and also to help the very needy and take a turn over time of a fortnight for replies. He is available only in this blog for personal consultation and not over phone, skype or chat. The readings are made with utmost care and precision and are made available in PDF format. A free chart in vedic system is also made available free of cost with any order. Please note the following;- (Please avoid numerous sub questions under a single query.. I expect a single question under a number and please do not disturb me with numerous follow up questions and mail for free....Let us respect each others time...) You need not have a paypal account to make the payment and could make the payment by Creditcard/debitcards.For those in India who want the Bank account details kindly mail me at the following link and I would be glad to provide the same.

Fee List

Forward me the details of Time , Date Month and Year of Birth with the place of Birth( District)at the mail below after the payment. If you need to make payment by Net Banking in India get in touch for Account details.

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